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About Lavish Pets

Hello…. My name is Wendy Venezio. I LOVE ANIMALS! Anyone who knows me will definitely attest to that. When I was a little girl, I would put all the Barbie dolls under the bed or in the closet… But the stuffed animals… That was a different story. I surrounded myself with them; sleeping, eating breakfast, and other various daily activities. Later in life I fought for their protection and rescued many animals. I have always believed that I needed to speak for those who could not.  I possess a deep understanding of animals, it is my God given gift.


I have been a long time entrepreneur and business owner (20+ years). I most recently sold my business Liquid Sunshine Airbrush Tanning located in Monmouth County.  I have learned in business that it is very important that you must listen to the client’s needs and desires.


I have a list of personal pet peeves when pet sitters “casually” watch over a clients home and animals. In my past experience, I have come home too anxious, overweight, and sometimes sickly animals. Many times my home was in disarray or smelled and it was not as I left it. When Lavish Pet Care is hired to care for your” babies”, I assure you that we will strive to follow your routine as closely as possible. It is my sincere promise to you that I will care for your animal companions with the utmost professionalism and compassion. When my company is entrusted to care for your beloved pets and home it is not taken lightly. I will help you keep your life in order and your mind at ease.


Life can be stressful, you should never have to worry when you hire a company to care for your animals and home. Lavish Pet Care offers an array of luxury services that set us apart from the pack!

Lavish Pet Care Gives Back

Every year Lavish Pet Care chooses 7 animal charities and donates 1% of profits to them.

Why Home Pet Care is the Best Option

Olfactory facts: animals use vibration, energy, sound, and most of all scent to sense danger, harmony and for basic survival (rather the process of elimination or logic).

Fact: Your animal companion will be less anxious and more comfortable when surrounded by familiar smells, energy, & sounds. When they are home they feel safer and more at ease and as a result, healthier overall. Just as a child may get homesick at camp an animal is even more prone to this type of stress & anxiety given their sensitive nature.


At Lavish Pet Care it is our gold standard to understand your animal companion mentally and emotionally as well as physically. We pay close attention to behaviors that signal nervousness discomfort or irritability. This helps to ensure the safety and well-being of your furry and feathered friends (as well as some spiney, shelled, & gilled creatures).... Winnie the Pooh said it best " Lots of people talk to animals but few of them listen. "... WE LISTEN!

The Lavish Difference


Lavish home visits sets us apart from the pack for several reasons. Firstly Lavish Pet Care does not charge extra for the number of pets a client has. Also, at least 45 minutes to an hour (sometimes more) is spent at each visit. Many other pet care services quickly come in and dash out. We consider that survival, not care. 

Lavish Pet Care believes that each visit is about the entire well being of the pet(s). Attention to detail & compassion is put into each interaction with every single animal (yes, even fish!). We will strive to keep them completely pampered in your absence. Does your pet enjoy playing in the yard, TV time, music, getting brushed? Let us know and we will duplicate your routine. We're not kidding when we say at Lavish Pet Care we treat your pet like a celebrity! 

Why home Pet Care is the Best Option
The Lavish Difference
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